Knowledge in tile ovens

How to use your tile oven correctly. The best technology achieves little if it is not used correctly. Although tile ovens are generally easy to use – new technologies such as automatic regulation of the levels of burning ease the usage further–but how to correctly manage the live fire must be learnt.

In order to avoid operator′s error from the beginning and to exploit the strengths of the tile oven optimally, Hafnermeister Christof Bader personally gives the new owners a lesson in how to use their ovens correctly, after the completion of the construction.

At the same time you also learn which fuel should be used. Basically, only two materials belong into the oven: naturally left, air-dried, Scheitholz stored for at least two years (preferably beech) or (according to the Ö-standard)  tested wood briquette.

Paper, damp waste wood or chip disks do not belong in our fireplace, as it is a high-value heating system and not a incineration plant!