Maintenance and inspection of your heating system

The regular maintenance and inspection of your heating system extends the service life and improves the heat achievement.

Based on the optimal combustion, this way, you further decrease the environmental impact. We recommend you annually inspect and clean your stove. In tile ovens and fireplace ovens, it is enough to carry out these works every second year.

Gladly we can include the maintance works in your purchase, notifiying you when the time has come.

Our services
- tuning of the smoke pipes, the fireplace connections and the smoke gas trains (in tile ovens).

- Chamotte renewal in case of damage.

- Consultation in heat problems.

- General maintenance and information.

- Retroactive installation of the automatic regulation of levels of burning .

Your old tile oven newly rehabilitated
Bring your old tile oven to the newest state of technology: In addition the cover is removed and the interior extension renewed. At the same time we place much importance on an extremely precise, clean and dust proof mode of operation.

We will happily advise you.