Naturally. Ceramics!

Ceramic is one of the oldest Cultural techniques of mankind. The word ceramic finds its roots in ancient greece and descrisbes  the minerals in clay and the creations that are formed through heating these, such as glazed- and floor tiles.

Ceramic is a natural, living building material, created through the fantastic iteraction of the four elements; Earth, Water, Fire and Air:

Earth. Pure natural respurces such as clay, kaoline and quartz are the most frequently used raw materials in ceramics

Water. The natural raw materials are mixed with water and this creates a soft, easily manipulated mass, that presents no limits to creativity. The basis of our tiles is made.

Air. The water escapes during burning, and small air sockets are created. This perfects heat storage in your tiles, keep it “alive” and breathable. In contrast to PVC ceramic is very much alive, adapts and ensures a pleasant and healthy living climate.

Fire. Molded together in the flames, the elemnts form  natural, durable ceramic. Depending on the temperature and time, the reaction between the elements varies, this makes each creation unique.

Tiles: natural, creative, durable

Every tile is unique, as is visible to anybody who takes a closer look. The fine glazing makes the porous ceramic waterproof and give it a easy-to-clean surface.

Another benefit: you can play around with colours, create patterns and symbols, that give your home a personal tone. Transparent or thick, shiny or matt. Or, if these are your wishes, finished with your own designed and unique motives.

Oventiles: soothing and unique

Due to its large mas aswell as the specialized creation, oven tiles store heat over a long period of time and give it off slowly and evenly.

As well as the technical characteristics , oventiles leave a lot of space of space for creativity with the many different colours and shapes. Oventiles are mostly unique creations that are mostly produced by hand.

For us it is a responsibility and pleasure, to work thes traditional raw materials, won from nature.

Naturally. Ceramics!