Feel comfortable - regardless of the weather

Icy rain clatters against the windowpane. The crackling wood fire and the warm light of the flickering flames create an oasis of well-being. Our stylish tile ovens bring comfortable warmth into your dwelling - on cold winter days as well as on a cool summers eve.

With a tile oven, you grant yourself and your family a quality of life not only if it becomes inclement outside the front door.

It lends your house a special and unique note: A tile oven is a gem that fits exactly to you, to your style and your home.

Therefore, the individual creation through a craftsman’s hand is irreplaceable.

The possibilities are there, as diverse as your imagination allows. Do you go for simple elegance, invest in extravagant materials or do you love the more traditional, handcrafted “Ofen”.

Do you want the feeling of warmth that traditional oven brings into your living room or do you prefer a romantically flickering fire?

So that you can visualize, how Christof Bader translates your dreams into reality, we use modern 3D technology to show you how your “dream oven“ will look in the surroundings of your home.

Feel comfortable - regardless of the weather